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The purpose for our devotion to the study of the Covenant of Baha’u’llah is best explained by a  letter written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi which states:  

“The principles, administration and fundamentals of the Faith are well known, but the friends need gretly to study the more profound works which would given them spiritual maturity to a greater degree, unify their commjnity life, and enable them to better exemplify the Baha’i way of living…”  (The Importance of Deepening, 45-46)

It is “The Covenant of Baha’u’llah,” the Universal House of Justice in the Ridvan 1987 message states,

“which links the past and the future iwth the progressive stages towards the fulfillment of God’s ancient Promise…Concentration on this theme will enable us all to obtain a deeper appreciation of the meaning and purpose of His Revelation, “A Revelation,” in the words of the Guardian,

“hailed as the promise and crowning glory of past ages and centuries, as the consummation of all the Dispensations within the Adamic Cycle, inaugurating an era of at least a thousand years’ duration, and a cycle destined to last no less than five thousand centuries, signalized the end of the Prophetic Era and the beginning of the Era of Fulfillment, unsurpassed alike in the duration of its Author’s ministry and the fecundity and splendor of His mission….”(God Passes by, pg 89-103)

“The questions that such contrated study should answer will undoubtedly include the meaning of the Baha’i Covenant, its origin and what should be our attitude towards it.”