The Purpose of Bahá’u’lláh’s Covenant: Feedback

Images or pictures that describe
the nature of the Covenant.
The characteristics or properties
that the image has.
What the qualities of the image
tell us about the Covenant.

“It [the Covenant] is the fortified
FORTRESS of the Cause of God
and the firm PILLAR of the
 religion of God.”

A fortress is a stronghold—a place
where people of a kingdom take
refuge and are protected. A pillar is
a support for a building.
The Covenant is a refuge for the
believers from disunity and
conflict. It supports the Faith and
protects it from schism.
“The LIGHT of the Covenant . . .
is the educator of the minds, the
spirits, the hearts and souls of
A light chases away the darkness
and makes visible things previously
The Covenant brings to light
God’s will, which chases away
the darkness of ignorance and
develops our latent attributes.
“The Covenant is like the SEA
and the believers as fishes in the
sea. If a fish leaves water it
cannot live.”
The sea is a great body of water
that covers much of the earth.
Many fish live in the sea, but all
depend on it for their survival.
The Covenant is vast and the
believers are diverse, yet the
Covenant unites all. Outside the
Covenant there is no spiritual life.
“[The Covenant is] the CORD
stretched betwixt the earth and
the Abhá Kingdom.”
The cord is a connector, a lifeline,
a bond—for example, an umbilical
The Covenant connects us to
God and so gives spiritual life, it
is a bond that ties us to God.
“. . . The dynamic power of the
world of existence is the power
of the Covenant which like an
ARTERY pulsateth in the body of
the contingent world. . . .”
An artery carries blood from the
heart to the rest of the body.
Without it, the body is deprived of
oxygen-rich blood and would die.
The Covenant brings spiritual life
to the body of the world. It
provides a channel for God’s will
to the different organs and cells
(believers) of the Faith.
“. . . The PIVOT of the oneness of
mankind is nothing else but the
power of the Covenant.”

A pivot is a point on which some-
thing rotates. It can be a person 
who plays a central role. Every-
thing is organized around that point.

The believers revolve around
one point—the center of the
Covenant. This is the focus for
uniting all humanity.

*Part of the Series: The Covenant Deepening – Its Meaning and Origin

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