The Meaning of the Covenant – Explanation: The Instrument of God’s Will and Purpose (Day 4)

There is another aspect of the meaning of the Covenant given in the Bahá’í Writings. The Covenant is described as an “instrument” created to “direct” and “canalize”5 (that is, to channel) the bounties and blessings of divine Revelation. We can understand this by again thinking of a tree. Rain spreads the blessing of water randomly. To direct water to a tree that needs it, a farmer makes an irrigation channel. The Covenant is a channel for directing the flow of God’s blessings to individuals who do their part in the Covenant.

God’s will is the expression of what He wants us to do. He communicates His will to us through the Covenant by sending His Messengers and His Holy Books. “Whatsoever hath been revealed in His Tablets is but a reflection of His Will.”6

God’s purpose for us is what He wants us to be. We achieve His purpose by following His will. For an individual, this purpose is to “reflect the glory of the names and attributes of God.”7 For society, it is to “ensure the peace and tranquillity of mankind,”8 ultimately leading to the building of the Kingdom of God on earth.

Through the instrument of the Covenant we recognize the source of God’s will, strive to hold firm to His wishes, and receive the blessings that flow through the channel of the Covenant. We are thereby assisted to accomplish His purpose for ourselves and for society.


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