Welcome to Baha’i Studies in the Covenant!

 – by Delia Josefa Lafaurie


Allah’u’Abha!  Now you are looking exploring in depth this magnificent and powerful Covenant Baha’u’llah commands.  I am delighted for you.  

Here is the power that will make you evanescent and detached, but at the same time able to divulge that power to others.  

Teach, teach; the believers need to understand and cling to the only unending source of power and eternity:  Baha’u’llah’s Covenant; they need to understand how it operates, they need to hear this from the lips of ordinary people – people like you and me and countless others – who, precisely because of our utter nothingness, our poverty, our abasement, can and will vindicate to the eyes of an unbelieving world the redemptive and recreating power of Baha’u’llah.

Continue to work under His tree of life.  The world will know that we – His meek ones, His lovers, will have indeed inherited the earth.

May His Blessed Perfection, Our Everlasting Father, have mercy on us, sustain us, and keep us ever nearer, ever fragrant, strong, and loving.


About the Author – by Lynette Slaman-Garciadeliajosefalafaurie

Delia Josefa Lafaurie (06/28/1951 – 05/19/2012) is a beautiful soul and most beloved and dearest friend whose love for Baha’u’llah comes alive through her writing.  

An enthusiastic teacher of the Baha’i Faith from Columbia, she had served as a pioneer and eventually an Auxiliary Board Member in El Salvador.  After moving to the States she later contributed to development of the Training Institute in Southern California, served as an Assistant Auxiliary Board Member and was a sought after speaker and teacher of the Faith before passing on to the Abha Kingdom two years after passing of her eldest son.  

This befitting tribute to the Covenant was written by Delia and addressed to me on the inside cover of one of  many Baha’i reading materials she had given me over the years for study and sums up the importance of the study of Baha’u’llah’s Covenant and it’s ability to transform our very souls.  

Our sincerest thanks to her husband, Ricardo, and children, Jose and Hedyeh, for their loving and generous blessing in sharing this with you.