Hidden Words of Baha’u’llah: An Reflection by George Townshend

George Townshend, (c) 2015 Bahai Chronicles, http://bahaichronicles.org/

I highly recommend this commentary by George Townshend.  The following is an excerpt:

It has for its background the romance of all the ages—the Love of God and Man, of the Creator and His creature. Its theme is God’s faithfulness and the unfaithfulness of Man. It tells of the Great Beloved Who separates from Himself His creatures that through the power of the Spirit breathed in them they may of their own will find their way to that reunion with Him which is their paradise and their eternal home. It tells how they turned away to phantoms of their own devising, how He ever with unwearying love sought them and would not leave them to the ruin they invoked but called them back that they might enter yet the unshut gates of heaven. Only the final event of the love-story is lacking. God calls, and when His utterance is complete He pauses that man may answer, and waits—listening.

Hidden Words of Baha’u’llah: A Reflection

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