The Covenant of God – Overview

“Contemplate with thine inward eye the chain of successive Revelations that hath linked the Manifestation of Adam with that of the Báb,” Bahá’u’lláh writes. “I testify before God that each one of these Manifestations hath been sent down through the operation of the Divine Will and Purpose. . . .”²

The Manifestations carry forward God’s Covenant with humanity. They are the channels provided by God to insure the flow of divine will (what God wants us to do) to accomplish the divine purpose (what God wants us to achieve). Our part is to recognize God’s Manifestation and obey His teachings.

There have always been Manifestations sent by God. They will continue to be sent in the future. As part of God’s Covenant each Manifestation makes a covenant with His followers to accept the  next  Manifestation Who will come after Him.

For thousands of years until the coming of the Báb the Manifestations have prepared humanity for a  time of fulfillment. That is, They have prepared us for a time when God’s purpose would be realized in the building of the Kingdom of God on earth. This is referred to in the Holy Books as the Everlasting Covenant.


2.  Gleanings 74

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