Mullá Husayn receives the Declaration of the Báb (The First “Letter of the Living”) -by Govindah Chinapiel

Mullá Husayn receives the Declaration of the Báb.pdf You will recall our previous post regarding the two luminaries, Shaykh Ahmad and Siyyid Kazim, who devoted their lives to the advent of the Qá’im (He who arises). Before Siyyid Kazim died, he told his followers to scatter and find the Promised One, the 12th Imam of Read More


The Nature of Spiritual Law – by Mike Moum

The Universal House of Justice, the authority in the Baha’i Faith to which all must turn, has stated: “Just as there are laws governing our physical lives, requiring that we must supply our bodies with certain foods, maintain them within a certain range of temperatures, and so forth, if we wish to avoid physical disabilities, Read More


The Concept of Covenant – By Mike Moum

The Concept of Covenant .pdf An understanding of the word “covenant” is essential to understanding the relationship between God and man. In the secular world, a covenant is like a contract, in that it is a binding agreement between two or more parties, characterized by the obligations imposed on each and the benefits that each Read More


The Covenant of Baha’u’llah and Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity – by Mike Moum

It is often stated that the physical world is a metaphor for or analogous to the spiritual world, and in that context, while reading a popularized presentation of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, I wondered whether there was anything in the spiritual realm that the theory might be a metaphor for. After giving the matter some Read More